V&A Exhibition road Museums Festival!

JOS’ 2019 extensive and exciting Outreach program has engaged a broad range of new participants in a variety of locations across London and Internationally. JOS Volunteers delivered a day of demonstration Inclusive Participatory Community Music Workshops with accompanying Photographic Exhibition and Demonstrations of JOS Inclusively Designed Bespoke music instruments and access devices — at the fabulous Victoria and Albert Museum.
This was in contribution toward the popular annual Exhibition Road Museums Festival that attracts many thousands of people form all around the world to engage with the work of leading projects and practitioners from across the arts and culture, science and technology sectors, and to connect with the fantastic Exhibition Road museums collections, learning centres and community engagement programmes.
Thanks to all who attended the sessions so enthusiastically. To the V&A in-house team who hosted the JOS Team with such generosity and finesse. To JOS Volunteers who worked throughout the very hot and crowded event to present the project and facilitate workshops with such vital energy and open attitude. To the host of participants of all ages and ability from near and afar who made the sessions truly global and inclusive. And finally, particular thanks to the wonderful young people who inspired and enthralled all by demonstrating that they can and will lead, and lead well and effectively, with clarity, determination and creative verve when facilitated with opportunity to do so. WOW! What a glorious day it was! Thank you V&A.
(Photo provided courtesy of V&A)