JOS 20th year anniversary music recording!

Dear JOS Volunteers, Participants, Friends and Associates.
Please COME and JOIN US to record material for JOS 20th Anniversary Album (in Eb). We have an excellent recording rig and engineer with top range equipment and expertise.
There will be a good nutritious lunch, good coffee and tea, soft-drinks and refreshments throughout, with additional light refreshments for the evening sessions. 
Please confirm if you will attend and when, so that refreshments can be calculated. Invite your friends and any folk whom you feel might enjoy such inclusive exploratory approaches. We are looking to record as much acoustic material as possible including, ambient soundscapes, group-work in the round, singular and group instrumental, chorus, horns, strings, tuned percussion, piano, (possible church organ) flutes, birdsong, chant, clapping, didgeridoo and throat-sung  cosmophonics! If you would like to be connected in advance with other players just let me know. Otherwise COME AND JOIN US – BE INSPIRED. 
JOS Team