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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not currently running our regular weekly music session’s at the locations below, until it becomes safe to do so

In their place, to stay connected and inspired at this challenging time, we have set up online creative, interactive and playful Zoom sessions.

Go to the Newsfeed on our Homepage to view our diverse daily programme or go to the JOS Diary on the information page to see what new experience you’d like to be part of.

Come join us and be inspired!


About the Workshops

Joy of Sound practices and promotes social inclusion through music and creative arts. We run weekly year-round participatory music sessions, and regular combined arts projects.

Benefits include:

  • Social interaction
  • Physical activity
  • Creative living Co-learning
  • Personal and social resilience
  • Pathways to personal, social, educational and cultural  opportunities.

All aspects of JOS work seek to incorporate the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’

Weekly Music Workshops

Participatory inclusive music workshops are generally 1hr duration unless otherwise stated. Using specially designed approaches, instruments and equipment that allow participants of all abilities to enter into co-creative music making. Sessions include group improvisations using voice and  various instruments.

Combined Arts and Music Workshops

JOS Combined Arts approaches bring together practitioners and approaches from a broad variety of creative fields that include two and three dimensional arts, montage, painting, music, sculpture, photography, film making, set design, puppetry, theatre arts, dance and movement, installation, murals, voice-work, costume, etc; to share in devising fresh creative alignments towards the realisation of unique new works and the establishment of novel practitioner networks towards ongoing discovery.

Sensory Looping – is the name given to a JOS approach that uses multiple and combined arts to build interweaving creative forms that encourage and facilitate uninhibited creative flow. This technique has been developed by JOS as a consequence of working with many people of different abilities who together demonstrate a combined sensorium that transcends any limitation.

What Happens at the Workshop

Workshops begin with acknowledging mutual awareness by, for example, the sharing of silence, encouraging a collective experience across all levels of ability. Everyone present chooses an instrument and comes together to form a circle. Sessions include a number of group improvisations.

Facilitators use a variety of techniques; listening, watching, mirroring, reacting and reflecting, searching for the slightest sound or gesture to be the seed of an improvisation. This may be a rhythm from someone blinking, dancing, or beating a drum, the sound of a voice, the squeak of a chair, or the plucking of a string. A group orchestration is built by amplifying and developing the initial seed, then introducing and interweaving new themes offered by other participants.

Each session culminates in an intimate harmony circle, participants with limited mobility become central, and the limitations of movement are dissolved in a resounding vocal finale. A participant is then invited to signal the end of the session.

The workshops present a novel and beneficial method of group interplay and can have an immediate cathartic effect on all; co-learners, staff, carers, musicians, facilitators and families. Empowerment, enablement, communication and integration through joyful and equal participation are at the root of our practice.