Inside I’m Free

“I enjoyed taking part and it made me feel very happy inside." (Gengiz Hussein)

“For me to be part of this film is an incredible part of my life story.” (Jennette Fone)

This feedback from the participants about the process of making the short film "Inside I’m Free” is what the new Joy of Sound film endeavour was about:  to enable those stuck inside their flats and gardens in London during the first 2020 lockdown to feel happier, taking part in dancing and filming. Isolation and shielding became much more bearable on the days they were dancing around forgetting the gloomy restrictions of the confusing pandemic times we were living in. The joy of movement combined with the joy of music proved once again to be a winning therapeutic tool, transforming the entrapping walls and closed doors into healing spaces where they felt free.

Dances were choreographed by Ekaterina Peskova. The film was directed and edited by Vesna Marich.

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