We warmly invite you to CHWA 2021 Awards Shortlist: Collective Power Ceremony!

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​Dear JOS Friends

We warmly invite you to an award ceremony

CHWA 2021 Awards Shortlist: Collective Power
Together we are stronger.

In collaboration with the Ideas Alliance and The LENs this award aims to recognise an inspiring project, consortium, collective or movement of people in which meaningful partnership and co-production has improved the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities through culture and creativity.

Winners will be announced at the CHWA 2021 Awards Ceremony on Friday 23 April 2021, 2.30-3.30pm.

If… we get it right for disabled people, we can get it right for everyone. Irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age or perceived sagacity… (Mark Jeffrey)

JOS works with people of all abilities as co-creators of effective, popular therapeutic arts and music activities of personal, social and aesthetic significance towards an equitable society of mutual interests and respect.

By regarding every person as a Rosetta Stone, we can learn about ourselves whilst learning about each other. Through our collective creative imagination, we can build safe and healthy communities with mutual responsibility, as safe and secure home, and as legacy to future generations.

Through self-cultivation we can learn to respect and nourish each other whilst nurturing society’s wellbeing and enhancing global culture.

Increased inclusive social awareness encourages the appreciation of human difference, and of nature’s immense diversity as a sustainable community garden of shared resource, potential and delight.

Joy of Sound
“Joy of Sound (JOS) is a very small volunteer led organisation, working on a shoestring to deliver much needed creative wellbeing respite to some of our society’s most vulnerable people.

We have survived heartily and have actually increased our front-line service delivery by rapid uptake of new technology during the covid 19 pandemic.

This nomination comes as a welcome and moving acknowledgement for ALL JOS participants, volunteers, support givers and associates; for our shared achievements and ongoing work. Such recognition is a flutter of spring blossom in the wake of a long and testing covid winter.”

To find out more:-

CHWA 2021 Awards page: https://www.culturehealthandwellbeing.org.uk/get-involved/chwa-2021-awards

 For the full list of our fellow nominee’s use the link below:-

Collective Power Shortlist: https://www.culturehealthandwellbeing.org.uk/chwa-2021-awards-shortlist-collective-power

Onwards into the ever-new