St. Barnabas News

JOS members attending farewell event

All of us at Joy of Sound send our heartfelt best wishes for the future to Clive and Judith Main, who left the Parish as Clive retired from his post as the vicar at St. Barnabas Church in Homerton.  

Clive and Judith were instrumental in helping us establish a regular group in the parish, welcoming us in when we had to move from our previous location at nearby Chat’s Palace in 2017.

JOS volunteers and participants attended the farewell service, along with the whole St. Barnabas congregation, and presented a copy of our book to commemorate our work together. We thought he found the title, “Connecting the Distance”, fitted very well with our shared outlook.

As well as the use of the space, St. Barnabas gave us sense of community from the start when we used the space for a series of photographs of our participants which were featured in the “I Love Chatsworth Road” magazine.

At first we used to bring instruments every week, but Clive worked with William Longden, the founder of JOS, to install a beautiful custom fitted storage unit. Designed by Zoran Radivojevic in an inclusive process working with members of the congregation, with parts made and assembled by Julian Millership, it fits in harmoniously and will be a lasting legacy.

St. Barnabas cupboard making