New JOS Album Out Today


“Gurgle in an elephant’s belly”


A 1 hour long track of deeply meditative music made by the Joy of Sound released for the 20th Anniversary of Joy of Sound.


Please make yourself comfortable, sit back and listen to this 1hour continuous track that weaves an inclusive sonic journey through time and space towards your delight and wonderment.

Two years in the making and undeterred by covid-19 restrictions, this epic work has been produced in acknowledgement and appreciation of each and every one of the many thousands of creative individuals who have contributed to JOS’ legacy of inclusive participatory community music making since January 2000.

The Album demonstrates how JOS’ live improvisational approaches can be readily applied with the same vital spirit and energy to the playing, recording and production of an original, remarkable and moving music of shared atmospheres, emotions and embodied expression.

Rising and falling, flowing to cascade, gently whispered, and in shared voice resounding with a profound and seriously playful joy that gives colour, texture, and a freedom of creative expression particular to JOS inclusive aesthetic.

Available to download or stream from one of these platforms of your choice :

Released by Whaever Records, July 30, 2021
Co produced by Joy of Sound, William Longden and Matteo Boyero
Mixed and edited by Matteo Boyero
Featuring the participation of  over 300 JOS session participants and associate musicians
Mastered by Peter Soldan at Studio Dada (Brussels)
Design by Basile Carel