Lambeth Country Show 2022!

A massive thank you to all the families, participants and even Happis the dog

that made Lambeth country show outreach a session to remember.

Angela and JOS team delivered the session with uplift and cheer getting everyone in tune

with JOS signals, and even though we had a PA system blaring away next door, we got

an effusive play of sounds and voices filling the space.

Lots of people of different ages and backgrounds explored new

instruments they had never touched before, and many young folk

tried out the signals in the centre with a resounding acknowledgement

that brought wide smiles full of confidence.

There have been whispers that this may be the very last Lambeth country show.

We sincerely hope this is just a rumour, but if there is any truth there,

we have had a good run of intensive fun community participatory improvised music.

Thank you Lambeth Country show for inviting us back again and again over the last decade.