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Our Covid 19 Response Creative Writing sessions ran between November 2020 and March 2021 co-producing 24 illustrated poems and stories sharing the intensity and capturing the emotions and challenges of lockdown. Around 40 people were involved an inclusive process of group co-creation.

We started off each of the pieces in lively Zoom online workshops, with groups of JOS participants coming together weekly, contributing themes and ideas. At the end of each session writers were elected to develop that session’s group input into poem, prose or dialog form, then to work with an editor to produce final pieces ready for publication online and in print.

A team consisting of an illustrator, graphic designer, video producer, voice artists, sound artists and composers took these pieces to another level, working together to create immersive videos with narration, music and soundtracks that express the shared communal response and personal reactions around lockdown in unique ways.

We are also producing an illustrated book of all the stories which will be a lasting reflection on an extraordinary time.

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