JOS Creative Writing Projects

Covid-19 Inclusive Participatory Creative Writing

JOS began a new way of working in March 2020 in response to the restrictions on travel that forced a temporary halt to our regular face to face workshops during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

JOS Creative Director, William Longden, instigated the program, and, using JOS specific inclusive approaches, led the co-devising and training of the JOS team by working inclusively with our volunteers, disabled project participants and their support networks, to set up, host and develop the ongoing work using the Zoom platform.

Click on the links below to view the stories and poems, illustrations and videos created during these inclusive participatory group workshops and one-to-one sessions.

Ever New Stories

Covid 19 Lockdown Stories

This is a series of contemporary tales and adventures inspired by people’s experience of the first lockdown of 2020.

Do your own colouring in!

The pictures in these stories were all coloured in by our participants – but you can do your own!

At the end of each story you will find black and white drawings that you can print and colour in by hand, or save and colour in on a computer.

For help on how to do this please email

JOS International Stories

Many of Joy of Sound’s participants come from different countries all over the world. These stories explore and celebrate their rich heritage and cultures.

JOS Incredibles

In these stories we celebrate the outstanding qualities and natural gifts of our JOS participants, how they influence and uplift the people around them by sharing their unique perspectives on life.

Our Street

“Work in progress coming soon”

This ongoing series is about where we live, the people around us, getting around – our day-to-day lives, and discussing how the environment could be improved

Creative Writing for Well Being

These prose pieces and poems were co-produced toward the Joy of Sound ‘Creative Writing for Well Being’ project between August – October 2020. The topics and themes were suggested by participants during lively creative exchanges at inclusive Zoom sessions. Each session’s combined group inputs were then combined into finished compositions by the group’s elected writers with illustrations by Sophie Skach.

You can download the collection here

The finished compositions were then produced as audio-visual presentations with music, soundtrack and narration

Video and sound by Mark Smith; Narration by Katerina Jugati and Matthew Coulton.

Click here to see contributors and full credits


Session Contributors

Lulu, Sadia, Gill and Peter; Ricky, Patrick, Sharon and Jane; Hatice, Alev, Kezia and Yaya; Lisa, Luca, Loretana, Gino, Maya, Luigi and Barbara; Tina, Paula, Aly, Esther, Rose and Cynthia; Suzie and Anabel; Olamide, Georgetta, Julie, Charles and Toyia; Iona, Sayano, Charlie and Zofia; Gevohn and Lizbeth; Leon and Olu; Audie; Kristina, Crista and Koshi; Andre and Tina; Sophie and Evalina; George and Adrien; Sophia and Victoria; Martha, Paula and Maureen; Peter and Craig; Judith and Arnold; Oliver; Julie; Arthur; Frederic; Pam

For Joy of Sound:
Lead Host Facilitators: William, Morgan
Co-Hosts and Transcribers: Elizabeth, Chris, Gala, Anna
JOS Volunteers; Vesna, Charlie, Hossein, Nico, Terry

Finished compositions by: Shenan, Wendy, Ferisa, Felicia, Chris, Morgan

Main Illustrator: Sophie Skach
Contributing Illustrators: Barnie, Christina, Katie

Audio-visual presentation by: Mark Smith
Narration by: Katerina Jugati and Matthew Coulton

These projects were made possible by funding from: The Walcot Foundation, United Way UK, National Lottery Community Fund, The Goldsmiths Company and the Greater London Authority