Mark’s Marimba


Mark’s marimba is a personalised version of a traditional African instrument  that was designed and made for him specifically to fit his enthusiastic style of play using only his left arm.  The dimension and position of the keys is specific to Mark’s  range of  movement. The  keys are tuned to Eb and made long and broad enough to accommodate his aim and individual technique of play.  The instrument is mounted on a  customised frame designed to fit Mark’s wheelchair access, enabling him to get close enough to the instrument to play every note comfortably. The bespoke marimba  allows and encourages co-creative playing and support from a facilitator when Mark chooses or requires  assistance. The voice of the instrument is warm, mellow and resonant, in keeping with Marks personal liking.

Mark’s marimba was designed and built initially by Jamie Linwood

Strengthening adaptations to the key supports and the addition of a composite wheelchair accessible stand was undertaken by Dan Knight.